Solar Energy, the New Source of Income

Looking to earn full time income by putting Part time of day at work?
Power of sun is solution

Why Solar Energy?

Government Support

Upfront subsidy on solar powered products by MF Energy


20.3% Margin with Avg Turnover of 10 crores in India

Breakeven Time

Lowered Costs and incentives made breakeven possible in 2-3 years


Solar is booming as adoption is increasing


Net Metering back to grid is reality now


Low Investment Cost Startup in India


When you become a partner or franchise with MF Energy you get access to host of features that will help you build your business and scale it


Certified and Empaneled

MF Energy has existing certifications & empanelments with the required State and Central Government. No waiting for any registration, just become partners and start working from day 1.

E-Tendering Support

Complete tendering support throughout by providing all available certifications, background checks and empanelments. So apply for all kinds of tenders where you keep the margins.

Technical Support

MF Energy has 3+ years experience in the Solar Energy sector. We provide all the installation & technical support to our partners.

Quality Checked & Assured Product Line

We will be responsible for all the legal liabilities from quality check & control to application. You'll not be responsible.

Lead Generation

We help you get leads. The moment you become our partner, we find you more business & you keep the margins.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Build earning through AMC. AMC is a huge revenue generating opportunity for you to utilise


What is MF Energy?

We are experts in Solar Sales, Marketing and operatins by doing 300 crores of revenues within 3 years of inception

MF Energy Solutions is one of the leading Solar products manufacturer which odders an extensive variety of solar roducts which incoporates Solar Roof Panels, Solar Water Heaters, Photovoltaic Cells, solar Plants for residential and business applications

With Bulk purchasing we are able to negotiate lower equipment costs and favourable payment terms for you

We provide our partners with full tech support and resources required to ensure profitability for your business

With 50 Franchises in 21 States, we are NAtions's first company to run Franchise Business Model in Solar Sector

Get Started with MF Energy Franchise

Unparalled Network

While serving India's largest companies with solar system solutions, MF Energy has a network which will open your gates for limitless oppurtunities

100% ROI

Some of our Franchise partners have seen 100% ROI within 6 months of inception and breakeven within 1 year after associating with MF Energy

Auto Pilot Solution

We provide a simple auto pilot push button solution for Partners with Training and Support with Lead Generation which means you don't need prior experience in solar sector

Company you can trust

You don't have to be a small business statistic when you've come this far. Dealers are squeezing out of business as large companies are taking their share. MF Energy is the company you can trust

How It Works?


We set up the infrastructure of your office including interior design


We hire a Manager at Company's payroll for the incubation period of your business


We take care of sales and installations in every state. Don't worry about operations


We provide you with inventory and management systems


We provide you with quality leads


We provide Government E-tendering support to procure big & small Government projects


We procure everything in Solar Sector from roof panels, grid systems, water systems etc


20-25% Net Margin for every sale you make. Highest in the Solar Energy industry


Out Expertise in Leasing and E-tendering will give you the required exposure

Would like to know more?

We would love to get in touch with you and help you with the business.

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Certifications Awarded to MF Energy


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